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If SAM is free and why do I need to pay?

You do not need to pay.

Each SAM Account is different.  There are accounts that require knowledge for each year of renewal and other accounts are not as complex.

An excellent comparison is the annual income tax.  There are filings that do not require an accountant and there are others that require a "Schedule C" and the knowledge of an accounting firm.  Filing your taxes is also free. 

Our experienced staff is continually educated with the SAM, Federal Service Desk, DLA, and other agency updates.  We make sure that the complexity of filling out the SAM data is executed and updated for our clients so their Federal Funding is not interrupted.  If an update is not completed properly your Federal Awards will not be received.

Our service is not a scam.

Can I renew SAM on my own?

It normally takes someone that is not familiar with the SAM portal 2 to 3 days to complete the SAM process.  Our executive staff will have your SAM Registration Renewal completed and submitted within 24 hours.  All of the information that is entered will be accurate to avoid any issues with your SAM account making our service very cost-effective.

Why do I need SAM?
Registering with SAM and receiving a CAGE Code is required when receiving payments through the Federal Government.  If you are doing any type of contracting with Government Entities you will receive your monies (through PIEE or other government payment portals or via bank transfer) which requires a SAM account.  

Once I register with SAM and have a SAM UEI Number can I immediately begin to receive government funds?

No.  A company like ours will show you where to register with other government agencies to enable you to bid on government projects, apply for grants, and register with the necessary agencies that you must qualify for.  We will direct you at no additional charge.

How often do I renew my SAM account?
Your SAM account must be renewed and updated annually. 

Can I just sign up for SAM and my account is active?
You can sign up for SAM but your account will not be active.  You must acquire a SAM UEI Number and Cage Code.  If the account is not thoroughly completed, you will not receive your awards.  It is suggested to use a company like ours with highly experienced account representatives to ensure a thorough registration. 

Fees charged are admin fees.

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